Cruise Ship Activities Taking Thrills at Sea to the Next Level

The thrills are bigger at sea. Today we look at the many Cruise Ship Activities onboard your next cruise! When you come aboard one of our newest Breakaway Plus or Breakaway class ships, you can step into a world of excitement and exhilaration in our ThrillPlex activity zones. Where the thrills are bigger. Where the technology is cutting edge. And the excitement comes in all sizes with family-friendly activities. 

Norwegian Racetrack

Hop in the Fast Lane

For some more Cruise Ship Activities, Imagine racing around hairpin turns against a backdrop of Alaska’s expansive glaciers and rugged mountains or the Mediterranean’s pristine vistas. Norwegian’s two-story race tracks are the largest at sea and offer a unique way to “cruise” incredible destinations. Whether you’re taking a car out for a first spin around the track or enjoying a victory lap, get ready to zoom into an incredible vacation.

Available on these ships: Norwegian EncoreNorwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy.

Laser Tag

Aim for an Amazing Time

Grab family and friends and embark into the lost city of Atlantis for a memorable game of augmented-reality laser tag. Located on the top deck, you can conquer this exciting course beneath the warm sun or a star-studded sky.

Available on these ships: Norwegian EncoreNorwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy.

Galaxy Pavilion

Discover a Virtual Wonderland

Step into a virtual world unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the Galaxy Pavilion. Enjoy an immersive gameplay experience during Dark Ride 7D where you’ll feel the intensity as you accelerate through every adrenaline-fueled turn on a cutting-edge racing simulator race course. Watch colorful imaginations come to life on the Wall of Wonder, a larger than-life 3D animated, interactive video screen. Then dive into a wide range of other exciting VR games.

Available on these ships: Norwegian EncoreNorwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy.

Ropes Course

Feel Free to Hang Out

Swing into an exciting time on our multi-level ropes course, the largest at sea. Deftly maneuver through 40 elements as you climb, balance and zoom your way over the top deck on our Sky Rail zip tracks. For an even bigger thrill, choose to walk The Plank, which extends 8 feet over the side of the ship. 

Available on these ships: Norwegian EscapeNorwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway.

Dip Into the Excitement

Dip Into the Excitement

Splash around our Aqua Park with Free Fall – the fastest waterslides at sea – and challenge your friends or family to some friendly competition on the Aqua Racer. Then slow it down, way down, reclining poolside with your favorite beverage before choosing which activity to enjoy next.

Available on these ships: Norwegian EncoreNorwegian BlissNorwegian JoyNorwegian EscapeNorwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway.

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