Transatlantic crossings on the Queen Mary 2

Transatlantic cruises on Queen Mary 2 

Experience an ocean journey on Queen Mary 2 unlike any other. A chance to escape the real world and indulge in life’s greatest pleasures. Where every day is yours alone and the world’s most iconic city awaits you on arrival. Welcome to sailing from New York to Southampton on a Transatlantic Crossing.

Life onboard a Cunard Transatlantic Crossing is what you make of it. Every day presents myriad choices but how much, or little, you do is up to you. Visit the planetarium, join a yoga class, or simply bury yourself in a good book. It’s your holiday, and you should enjoy it however you please.

The world’s only ocean liner.

Not only is Cunard a unique experience, Queen Mary 2 is also a unique ship: today’s only true ocean liner. Stronger, sleeker, smoother and swifter than a cruise ship. A link to a glorious past only Cunard can provide.

Room to relax.

Each stateroom is a personal oasis of calm, offering the very highest luxury at sea. Sumptuous bedding beckons, beautiful balconies celebrate the ocean view, and even a seven-pillow menu option awaits you.

Come alive at night.

Gala Evenings are a regular feature of sailing transatlantic with Cunard and a magical way to round off an evening on board. Feel your inhibitions dissolve and be captivated by the wondrous sense of occasion as you join your fellow guests on the largest dance floor at sea.

Dining on board Queen Mary 2. 

The extraordinary culinary experiences that await you on our flagship are guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Enjoy a regular reservation at your stateroom’s restaurant, indulge in world flavors at Kings Court or, for an additional supplement, savor a prime cut at Steakhouse at The Verandah.

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