Thinking about a river cruise?

Considering a River Cruise?

There’s a reason why river cruises are so popular. Sail past the beautiful castles of Europe, visit the enchanting villages of the Mediterranean and explore the beauty of China all in a different kind of cruise.

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river cruise is a more intimate experience than its ocean counterpart and has surged in popularity in the past few years. Smaller ships, fewer passengers on board, and daily ports of call offer a different way to sail. These ships can navigate bodies of water that are inaccessible to ocean cruise ships, giving you access to some of the world’s most important, historic and colorful waterways—such as the Seine, Mekong, Danube, and Rhine Rivers, to name just a few.

River Cruise Activities and Itineraries

If you’re considering a river cruise, here are some helpful tips:

Less is more: The activities onboard are far and few. However, the accommodations and dining experiences can be fit for a queen. River ships provide cabins with large balconies and walls of glass that allow you to take in the serene journey. Dining tends to take in the local flavors of your destination. 

Blending in: Many river cruise ships and itineraries are tailor-made for their destinations. Enjoy an onboard painting session hosted by art experts on an art cruise along the Seine, explore Scandinavia along the Elbe, dine on Peruvian cuisine and take jungle treks along the Amazon. New and exotic river cruise destinations are being introduced each year. 

Upscale affairs: The elegant voyages catering to a well-heeled crowd. Most river cruises are all-inclusive affairs, which means your meals, beer and wine, and even shore excursions where you explore the local grounds which are included in your fare.

Daily ports of call: Unpack just once and begin your journey into the heart of fairy tale cities and charming towns. Stroll off to explore the culture and meet the locals who bring personality to each destination. With river cruising, you’ll see each sight differently and may never sail the same again.

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