Silversea’s Sea And Land Taste program. S.A.L.T.

Introducing our most immersive culinary concept ever. Travel deeper with Silversea’s unique Sea And Land Taste Program. S.A.L.T.℠ offers travellers the richest gastronomic experience there is. Curated with Adam Sachs, former editor in chief of Saveur magazine, S.A.L.T. focuses on reflecting your destination through taste, by sourcing authentic ingredients prepared with respect to tradition.

From market trips and special dinners in the S.A.L.T. restaurant to cooking demos with local guest chefs in the cooking lab, S.A.L.T. takes travellers further than ever before in destination experiences.

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A few sample itineraries with the Sea And Land Taste Program…

Where better to begin S.A.L.T.’s inaugural season than in the cradle of the eastern Mediterranean? Travel the coasts of Greece and Cyprus, hopping between the flavours and culinary traditions of each destination. Trace the lineage of local recipes; from the easy going cuisine of Greece to the influence of a diet from a region that is defined by its food as much as its history. S.A.L.T offers a chance to truly travel deeper; visiting beautiful islands and ports by day, and enjoying immersive tastings by night. Silver Moon and S.A.L.T bring a new meaning to travelling with taste.

Beautiful sea, crisp white beaches, delectable cuisine, and charming medieval villages add character to this gorgeous Greek cruise. Beginning and ending in Athens, guests will get a taste for the good life in Syros, Paros, Patmos, and Rhodes. Plus, learn the art of cheese making in Mykonos along the way. What a great way to experience the Sea And Land Taste Program!

This cruise is a melting pot of history, gastronomy, and sun-kissed beaches. From Athens, guests enjoy a day at sea as they sail towards Cyprus before discovering the beautiful Greek Isles including two ports in Crete. Then they trace the lineage of Greek recipes, meeting Santorini’s best winemakers and learning to make local dishes from leading chefs.

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