Review:  Glenwood Springs Short & Mild Rafting Trip

Looking for a trip but have kids under age 5 or under 50 pounds? Our Short & Mild Rafting Trip is great for anyone seeking a milder experience or trying rafting for the first time. This fun, scenic float with our experienced guides will keep everyone happy and safe. Easy class II rapids are a great introduction for young children or those who just want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the river without getting soaked! This trip is open to families with children as young as 2 years old. For families with children age 5 and older we recommend the Half Day Rafting Trip.

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While on a recent camping trip to the Glenwood Springs area we decided to take the boys on their first rafting trip!  The boys were very excited about the journey albeit a tad nervous.  We met at the Whitewater Rafting, LLC headquarters around 8:30am and quickly were sent inside to sign waivers and check-in.  It was there that I learned that all participants must NOT wear flip-flops or go barefoot.  Luckily they were prepared for this and had excellent water shoes available for purchase for around $10.  We were then led outside to a covered seating area where we were introduced to our guides and given a quick safety briefing.  This was then followed by the fitting of a lifejacket for us all.  

Since we selected the “Short and Mild” tour, suitable for kids as young as 2, we were able to walk to our launch site (other tours took a bus up the river about 5 minutes).  We had a private tour with a WONDERFUL local guide by the name of Bob.  He was incredibly knowledgeable about rafting, the Colorado River and it’s surrounding landscape as well as the wildlife that we saw while on the river.  Our (private!) tour lasted for about 1.5 hours and included roughly 9-11 rapids, most being class 2, with 1 short class 3 rapid.  

The boys loved the rapids and getting splashed with the 60-degree river water.  We had a beautiful vantage point of the Colorado River and enjoyed seeing resident bald eagles and other wildlife.  Since we were on the morning tour, we had a slight tailwind so paddling really was required but the boys loved getting a chance to help push us along!

Whitewater Rafting, LLC comes highly recommended, and we look forward to the boys getting older so that we can go back and experience one of their longer trips with more rapids!

Interested in things to do while in Colorado?  Let me know, I would love to help plan your next trip to our beautiful state!


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