Jet around the world with A&K!


The Ultimate Globe-Spanning Adventure

Jet around the world with Abercrombie and Kent! An A&K Private Jet Journey is the pinnacle of inspiring adventure, incorporating everything we have learned and perfected in our more than 50 years as the world’s luxury travel pioneer. Your small group of no more than 48 guests travels on an exclusive itinerary packed with insider access, fine dining, and invitation-only cultural events arranged by our local experts.

Jet from one destination to the next with the finest Tour Managers and a dedicated flight crew, ending each day in accommodations chosen for their comfort, hospitality, and true local character. From the moment you arrive until the day you bid your private jet crew farewell, experience a journey that combines luxury, authenticity and expertise as only A&K can.

Watch the A&K Private Jet Experience Unfold

See the extraordinary insider access and five-star service that make Private Jet journeys the most rewarding way to travel.

Cultural Treasures: Around the World by Private Jet


This spectacular adventure around the world introduces you to some of its most fascinating peoples, places and celebrations, in intimate and unforgettable ways. From the peerless Taj Mahal and Abu Dhabi’s modern wonders to a Sicilian wedding party and the Bhutanese tshechu festival, Cultural Treasures immerses you in the touchstones that define the societies that created them. 

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Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet


Circle the globe by exclusively chartered private jet, and experience the incredible diversity of Earth’s wildlife — arguably the true wonder of the world — from the noble Bengal tiger and placid whale shark to the endangered mountain gorilla and playful lemur.

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