Flying to your Cruise Port

Now that your cruise has been booked, it is important to follow a few guidelines when it comes to flying in and out of the cruise port city.  Whenever possible I ALWAYS recommend flying into the port city the day before.  This provides more time should there be any flight delays.  Remember, the ship will not wait for you if your flight is delayed.  Cruise lines will also not provide a refund for missed cruises due to air delays or cancelations.

I can assist in booking your flights, let me know if you are interested in a quote.  Most cruise lines have air departments that can quote airfare from your home city, in many cases, they include an assurance that you will arrive on time, or they will make arrangements to get you to the first available port of call.

Travel Protection is also very important to purchase as they too can help with getting you to your cruise in the case of a flight delay or cancelation, as well as provide you with reimbursement options if you are delayed.

Depending on your cruise, departure city, arrival city and cruise port location it is best to arrive no later than 11:00- 12:00pm on the day of cruise departure.  This example is based on a cruise departing at 4:30PM from MIAMI and arriving at the MIAMI airport.  Please let me know of flight time recommendations for your particular cruise.

After your cruise has finished, you will need to wait for the ship to be cleared by customs, then you yourself will need to retrieve your luggage and go through customs.  After making your way to the airport, standard security and check-in procedures will apply for your flight.  I do not recommend flights be booked before 12:00pm on disembarkation day (based on the example sailing above from Miami).

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