Excursion Highlight :: Cinque Terre, Italy

Our family sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and had a great time in Cinque Terre, read more about it by clicking here!

This series of century-old fishing villages, named Cinque Terre, is a favorite among locals as well as visitors. The area remains true to its past as vehicles are not permitted into the villages, which sit at sea level. They are tucked away in a particularly mountainous kink of the Italian Riviera, each village was shaped by the profound isolation. Today the villages’ exquisite ruggedness still presents a few challenges for accessibility. Cars are able to drive close to the village entrances but parking is not only difficult but costly. Therefore our English-speaking drivers will leave you at one end of the row of villages with a great explanation of the history, the highlights, and how to maneuver your way around.

These towns, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso, all have their own flavor but each has its own nuances that make it worth the visit by fishing boat to as many as time allows. You can move between them with these boats that sit at the waterfront waiting for youor you may prefer using the train that moves between them as well. One thought is to take the train to the furthest, which depends on where you arrive from, and then hop from one to the next by boat.

Easternmost RIOMAGGIORE is the largest of all five villages and its buildings line up down a steep ravine to a tiny harbor.
The grapevines that surround MANAROLA produce the Cinque Terre wine, Sciacchetrà, and a glass of that would set the tone for your day.
CORNIGLIA sits atop a high rocky promontory surrounded by vineyards, and is the only village that lacks direct access to the sea. Steep steps wind from a rocky cove and its waterfront train station far below.

VERNAZZA’S small harbour and narrow lanes that rise almost vertically from sea level, with a maze of stairs and tiny terraces.
MONTEROSSO is the only village that has a proper strip of beach. Known for its lemon trees and plump anchovies served right off the boat, it’s the furthest west of the villages.

However many you see will not matter in the end. They are all wonderful and a good philosophy is to enjoy where you are rather than moving on too fast and regret it.

Are you interested in visiting this amazing area of the Mediterranean?  Let me help you plan your next cruise and excursions!  Our family sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and had a great time in Cinque Terre, read more about it by clicking here!

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