Do I need a passport to go on a cruise?

A common question that centers around the required travel documents is if I need a passport to cruise.  I would like to highlight a few things to keep in mind.

Without the proper documentation, the cruise line can reject boarding at the port, so take a moment to research your requirements in order to have a great start to your cruise vacation!

Every cruise line will have different requirements, so it is imperative that you check with your cruise AND your itinerary for specific details.

If your cruise departs or returns to/from a NON-US port, you will always need a passport.  When traveling to/from the port, a passport will be required, I.E. flying to/from the foreign country.

If your cruise departs AND returns to a US port (Called a closed-loop voyage), you technically can travel with a laminated, a government-issued ID with your legal name and photo + an official government-issued birth certificate.  Your name on your reservation much match both above-listed documents EXACTLY.  If there has been a name change to one or more of these documents, you MUST also bring supporting evidence of this change, for example, a marriage certificate or divorce documents.

Even if your cruise departs and returns to a US port, it is still a good idea to travel with a Passport.  If for some reason you need to separate yourself from the voyage you will need a passport to return to the US.  This can be for medical, personal, missing the ship, or for any other reason.  You will be not allowed to leave the country without a valid passport.

Not a US Citizen, or have a unique situation?

It is imperative that you review the cruise documents, and/or contact the cruise line directly for information pertaining to the required travel documents for your situation.

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