I need to cancel my trip and have insurance!

If you are wondering about when you can cancel your trip and get your money back with an Allianz Policy you are not alone! This is a quick post that outlines the reasons that you can cancel a trip or have trip interruption coverage. Keep in mind, each situation is different and this is merely a list of the reasons that are currently covered. There is no guarantee that you will receive payment after you file a claim.

See the linked brochures for more details. A full policy can also be requested, just let me know!

Worldwide Travel Protection Brochure

Worldwide Travel Protection with Cancel anytime Brochure

In addition to medical coverage, medical evacuation, baggage coverage, etc, these are the reasons that you are covered for cancellation:

Worldwide Travel Protection Plan:

Cancellation and Interruption

  • Covered illness, injury, death
  • Supplier financial default
  • Legal Proceeding
  • Destination uninhabitable or Home uninhabitable
  • Mandatory Evacuation
  • Terrorism
  • Military duty
  • Loss of Accommodations Abroad
  • Traffic accident en route
  • Quarantine
  • 24-hour delay by travel carrier

Cancellation Only

  • Canceled Tour
  • Employer Termination
  • Employment Transfer
  • Normal Pregnancy
  • Legal separation/divorce
  • Witness birth 

Interruption Only Travel delay resulting in loss of 50% of trip length

  • Hijacking


Worldwide Travel Protection w/ Cancel Anytime Plan ADDS the following

Cancellation and Interruption

  • Required to work
Company merger or acquisition
  • Company unsuitable for business 

Cancellation Only

  • Other unforeseen Reasons at 80% of pre-paid non-refundable portion of your trip 

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